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CIJ Spare Parts
P/N Description P/N Description
100-043S-101VJ keypad500-0031-2346.07 x 1.78 O-ring
100-0470-137VJ keypad500-0034-110Non return valve
100-043S-148Gasket - top door 500-0047-133 Pressure damper
378336Backlight Inverter 500-0041-296 Jaco nut
200-0390-221Backlight inverter500-0036-5783-way DIN plug
100-043S-175Keypad harness 200-0430-146Flush pump assembly
100-043S-190Display panel cover 100-0430-114Flush pump diaphragm 1 inside flush pump
500-0085-140LCD Panel 378277-01Flush pump tube connector (black) includes gripper
100-0370-160Keypad extender378277-02 Flush pump tube connector (green) on left side of flush pump,
100-043S-159Keypad/LCD ribbon cable 500-0047-131 Pre-pump filter, 30 micron
100-043S-160Switch LED Cable 500-0047-134Inline filter, 8 micron
100-043S-210Switch Cable Assembly 500-0041-110Festo tee
500-0097-128 Mains Power Filter 100-0466-154 Connector
100-043S-172Mains Filter Ground Wire 500-0047-130Main ink system filter, 5 micron
100-043S-170Mains cable assembly (International) 100-0370-200 System manifold
100-043S-130Shaft encoder cable (with port) 500-0031-175 O-ring
100-043S-128 RS-232RS-232 cable (with port) 378254Pressure transducer (43s only) includes both O-rings
500-0076-133 Blanking plug, 18mm 500-0031-164 Pressure transducer front O-ring
500-0076-134Blanking plug, 14mm 500-0031-201Pressure transducer rear O-ring
500-0048-133Electronics Compartment Key100-0370-112 Printhead manifold
100-043S-129 Photo Cell Cable 500-0031-1171.78 x 1.78 O-ring
500-0082-158Switch 521-0001-174 Solenoid Valve, 3-port (Valves V3 and V7)
200-0390-102PSU 521-0001-175 Solenoid Valve, 3-port (V8)
200-043S-166 CPU board 521-0001-173 Solenoid Valve, 2-port (Valves V1, V2 and V6)
200-043S-145 Fan filter assembly 500-0031-231 Valve O-rings (20 pack)
200-0390-239EHT module 204-0346-101 75 micron VMS filter (10 pack) 1 tiny white filter in FMS
100-043S-158EHT cable assembly 200-0390-108 Pump
200-043S-147 Thumb knob 500-0031-249 O-ring (15.6/1.78)
200-0430-160I/O board 100-043S-180Down tube
200-0430-161Ink pump motor driver board 500-0066-139 4amp fuse
100-043S-137 Main Harness 500-0041-194Jaco 1/8” tee
100-043S-164Gland plate gasket 500-0031-250O-ring (20.4/1.78)
100-043S-211 Fan assembly 100-043S-179 2x down tube adapter
200-0390-119Fan fail PCB 500-0031-251 O-ring (14.0/1.78)
200-043S-148Fan grill assembly 200-043S-250 Ink system kit
100-043S-176 Power harness 200-0466-143 Level detect assembly
100-0370-196Front cover 100-0370-159Level detect seal
100-0370-231 Lid switch thumbscrew 100-0466-144 Ink tank manifold
200-3900-135Charge electrode/LED assembly 100-043S-189 Solvent tank manifold
200-0430-141 Nozzle assembly, 60 micron 100-0370-196100-0430-139 Manifold gasket
100-0430-155Insert, lid switch 100-0470-118 Solvent/ink tank
200-0390-235 Cover switch assy.NI 501-0002-1011/8” tube, clear
200-0430-162 Head heater manifold NI 501-0002-114 1/8” tube, green stripe
521-0001-177Pico valve NI 501-0002-113 1/8” tube, black stripe
500-0031-180 O-ring 25.81 x 3.53 CS NI 501-0002-115 1/8” tube, yellow stripe
100-0370-231 M2 5 x 6 cask head st. st. screw NI 501-0002-131 6mm x 4mm PTFE tubing Ink filler caps
200-043S-207 Umbilical 100-0470-191Filler housing, ink
100-0370-195Rear cover 500-0031-241 O-ring (53.64/2.62)
500-0082-145 Main Switch100-0470-195 Cap retainer black
200-3900-298 Phase detector assy. 100-043S-194Ink cap
500-0031-232 O-ring (45.69/2.62) 100-043S-181 Housing plate
100-0470-308 Cap retainer white 100-043S-191 Housing nut
100-043S-195 Top-up cap 200-0468-161 Gutter pump for 46p
100-0470-192 Filler housing, top-up 200-0468-162 VJ 46P Pressure damper kit
CIJ Inks, Makeups and Cleaning Solutions
P/N Description P/N Description
630Ink 417 Make-up
85Ink 422 Make-up
12Ink 482 Make-up
682Ink 484 Make-up
684Ink 728 Make-up
628Ink 738Make-up
638Ink702Cleaning Solution
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