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CIJ Spare Parts
P/N Description P/N Description
A36022Air filter kit(not include main filter)ENM35532/16203Main Filter
A369519040 user manual englishENM4295Vacuum Pump
ENM10248KeypadENM4240TUBO 4,8X6,35
ENM10287Cell Pressure G and MENM4343TUBO 2,7X4
ENM10298EHT Block-WiredENM5044Electrovalve coaxial Kit
ENM14121PSUENM5192G-crystal oscillator
ENM15885Cover Head G Flat ElectrodeENM5494Fan
ENM15886 Cover Head M Flat ElectrodeENM5553White Ink Filter
ENM17357Nozzle protector ENM5629Pressure Pump with Bypass
ENM17673Grid filter,14UENM5670Eccentric(X20)-Cann Orient G&M
ENM17674Filter 32 Micron ENM5671Eccentric(X10)-Canon Center G&M
ENM18591KeyboardENM5675Holder-Canon G&M
ENM19618Master keypadENM5675Holder-Canon G&M
ENM19617Classic keypadENM5672Seal(X10)-Square Cannon G&M
ENM20342S8 pressure / temperature sensorENM5673Seal(X10)-Oring EPT3.2/0.5 G&M
ENM28240Keypad ENM5713Seal(X5)-Oring
ENM3441014u moulded Grid FilterENM5934main filter
ENM34945PSUENM6007ADP Board
ENM36300fanENM7242Resonator-G Head
ENM36390Keypad ENM7682 Kit Pressure Cell 10 Bars S7
ENM36522Power supply ENM7765Ink Circuit Air Part Filter
IM0001 Pressure Chamber Teflon MembranceENM81531Vacuum Pump
NA AIR FILTER 9020    NA AIR FILTER 9020    
CIJ Inks, Makeups and Cleaning Solutions
P/N Description P/N Description
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